hello my dear



your smile is full of goodness

lough for a while 

  the lough of flower is beautiful



لبخند تو خلاصه ی خوبیهاست

لختی بخند

خنده گل زیباست!

Hello my dear


life has five stars

kind star is mother

action star is father

nice star is teacher

top star is lover

and superstar is a friend like you


 hello my dear


Look ,The  moon looks like U

see ,The stars are shining for U

listen,The birds are singing for U

hear,My heart says



hello my dear       

I love all stars in the sky

but they are nothing 

compared to the ones

in your eyes



hello my dear         


  Far or near

U  are dear

East or west

U are best

Big or small

U are all

Young or old

U are gold

Morning or night

.U are light



             hello my dear          



 I have three friends

the sun, the moon, and you 

sun for days

moon for nights

and you forever




سلام به دوستان عزیز

از امروز در خدمتتون هستم هر روز با یک  sms چون درس ودانشگاه بیشتر از این رواجازه نمی ده!


Do u know what makes a friend happy when you send me SMS ?

Not ur jokes ,texts or puzzles !

But your NAME that apears when it beeps...

Knowing that u remember me !